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Isabel Gillies: I had to deal with online hate after reprising my Kathy Stabler Law & Order: SVU role

  • Gillies writes on her Substack blog of the hateful online reaction after returning to her Law & Order: SVU role: "My feed, which is normally pretty sleepy, a retweeted article here, a few shoutouts about a recipe there, was a stream of eye-popping-bile posts, at me! My character, the deceased Kathy Stabler, was trending on Twitter. Gliding over links and threads, memes and emojis, I started, well, crying. 'KATHY STABLER IS BURNING IN THE DEEPEST PART OF HELL.' Scroll, scroll…'YOU DESERVE TO BLOW UP!' Scroll, scroll…'Good morning to absolutely everyone except Kathy Stabler’s ghost.' Scroll, scroll…'This girl is the nastiest, skank b*tch I’ve ever met!'" Gillies says she called Mariska Hargitay, who also experienced online hate. Her advice? Take the high road and don’t take it personally.

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