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Is Louis CK’s former manager Dave Becky getting a pass?

  • Becky -- who manages big comedy names like Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr and Hannibal Buress while also producing comedy shows like Broad City -- “so far has faced negligible consequences” for his involvement in Louis CK’s sexual harassment scandal, says Seth Simons. Only Pamela Adlon has fired him. “To be clear, none of these people are responsible for Becky’s conduct, as they are certainly not responsible for CK’s,” says Simon. “They don’t have to say anything, they don’t have to do anything.” But, he adds, “powerful men don’t give up power on their own. Other powerful people must use their power, the same power that gives Becky his, to make it happen. It is on Dave Becky’s clients and his colleagues to hold him accountable. “

    TOPICS: Dave Becky, Louis CK, Sexual Misconduct