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How to Get Away with Murder creator: “Trump doesn’t exist on the show”

  • “For me, even since the show started, the world has changed,” says creator and showrunner Pete Nowalk. “Obviously the country has changed so much. I get why there's shows where people are heroes and are doing well and where it's nice because I feel like I want that too. But for this show, I'm just trying to stick to the point of view that we have of these characters and they don't exist in a Trump world. Trump doesn't exist on the show. I think of it more like I'm making this for the long term. So someone might view it in a completely different political environment and will apply then. Only if it makes sense for the character, I guess, versus trying to make a big statement about the here and now. I don't know when people watch it. People don't watch it live. I hope they watch it in 20 years, that's my goal.”

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