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Desus & Mero's Desus Nice talks filming at home, Showtime sending him a MacBook Pro and finding a background that wouldn't make him look "broke"

  • “We were going to just hunker down in the studio with all the staff members,” Desus tells Wired of him and The Kid Mero's initial plans to resume their Showtime talk show. “We were just like, ‘What if we just get a lot of food and everyone just stays in the studio? We could just live here because it used to be the old Al Jazeera studio. So it’s bulletproof, fully protected, and self-contained.’ So in theory, we could have probably stayed there for a couple weeks. But, you know, people have families and kids.” Desus says Showtime's tech team worked with them virtually to get the right software installed. But, he says, they had the "unmitigated audacity to tell me my MacBook was too old to run the streaming software! So I was sitting there in my feelings like, ‘How dare they?!’ But because it’s Showtime, the next day there was a fresh-out-the-box MacBook Pro at my door, and I had to spray it with Lysol and keep it moving.” Next up was figuring out where in his home to film his show. “Everyone has a really nice house," he says. "So I was like, 'I have to find the best place in my apartment so people don’t think I’m broke.'" He settled on his sneaker room, a small second bedroom where he keeps his expansive shoe collection. “I'm not going to lie. Every time I look at it on TV, I'm like, 'Wow, that looks cool as hell,'" he says.

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