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Dan Levy on Schitt's Creek's Emmy sweep: "The whole process just felt oddly not real"

  • "I have been hoping for many years that she would be recognized, and when she won, I was beside myself," Levy tells Vulture of the night kicking off with Catherine O'Hara's victory. "It was just such an emotional night. Everybody’s entire bodies are in this hyper state of tension, so when you experience joy like that, it’s incredible how much of a release comes out of that experience. And then my dad was up next, and I thought this category could go a bunch of different ways. Obviously for him to be in his 70s and to have never been nominated for an Emmy as an actor, it felt like, what a lovely time for him to win. I was just so proud. I was proud of our relationship. I was proud of the work that he did. At that point, I thought, Well, maybe we have a chance at Best Show, not really thinking anything else of the other categories. They had stacked them all together, so I was thinking, Well, at least we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves come 9:15 when this is all over. Whatever becomes of it, the pressure will be off, so you don’t have that ongoing, nagging tension of, Well, my award’s in an hour and 15 minutes, so I guess I’ll just smile and nod through the first half of this award show. So writing was up next, and I resigned myself to thinking, we’ve gotten all we came here for, and everything else is going to go to other places. And then I heard my name called, and you get into this kind of out-of-body experience where you just react and wander up to the podium. I had a couple things I had thought about saying and never really written anything down because I truly didn’t have any expectations — even a superstitious perspective. I didn’t want to jump the gun in any way. There’s a full-circle moment to the writing category for me because it began with writing. The whole process just felt oddly not real. Catherine and I were like, 'It almost felt like a game of How to Host a Murder,' where we all just got dressed up and the scene was awards night, and then the spin at the end was everyone got to take one home. It was just this game that eventually we’d have to give them all back."

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