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An appreciation of DC Universe: DC Comics' streaming service swung for the fences

  • "It finally happened," says Rosie Knight. "Just a few days before its two year anniversary DC’s short lived streaming service DC Universe has announced it will no longer exist. Instead, it will evolve into DC Universe Infinite. Expanding one of their best features, the platform will become a comic book reader, similar to Marvel Unlimited. Today we bid farewell to DC Universe, the janky yet charming streamer DC unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018....DC Universe did some beautiful things with their series. I never thought we’d get an adult, surreal, award-worthy take on Doom Patrol that centered queerness and grief. DC relegated Swamp Thing to B-movie horror long ago, but under James Wan’s watchful eye we got a beautiful gothic romance that understood what made the comics great. Harley Quinn has always been the long-suffering girlfriend of the Joker rather than a badass in her own right, but here was a show that focused on her own agency, love life, and sexuality. Many fans have waited a long time for that radical route. Even Stargirl was a character most casual fans wouldn’t know and DC Universe made her a vibrant gateway for an inclusive and heartwarming reimagining of their oldest flagship team, the Justice Society of America. Even though it was a strange experiment that ended in just under two years, we should remember DC Universe fondly as a place that swung for the fences and aimed to create a platform for the celebration of lesser known DC heroes and projects from the past."

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