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A senior citizen version of The Bachelor has the potential of being sweet and eye-opening

  • "In an idealized form, The Bachelor: Senior has the potential to be both sweet and eye-opening," says Stuart Heritage. "By featuring nothing but contestants in the autumn of their years, the show might be able to take a step back from the skeezy youthful insincerity of The Bachelor proper. Everyone who takes part will have experienced heartbreak in the worst possible way – some might be divorced, some might regret that they were never able to settle down, others might have lived happily with the love of their life until they lost them to disease – and this has the potential to drastically reduce all the miserable game-playing that The Bachelor has come to be known for. The contestants will have a better idea of how finite life is, and hopefully they won’t want to put up with any nonsense. And also, it might go some way to fight the idea that sexual attraction shrivels up and dies towards the latter stages of mid-life. You can be sure that The Bachelor producers are hoping for something sweeter and more courtly than the regular horndog show offers, but that isn’t to say that it will be entirely chaste. In a world where our preference for dumb youth has created a stigma surrounding later-years sex, a show about age-appropriate senior canoodling could be revolutionary. The more I think about this, the more excited I am. A 65+ version of The Bachelorette would remove the slightly distasteful subtext that all the female contestants have to snipe at each other because they’re in a race to the death with their own biological clocks."

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