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Whoopi Sounds Off on the GOP's Embrace of Putin: 'This is What They Would Like to Bond With'

"They're admiring a guy who rigs elections and is a macho leader," said The View's longtime moderator.
  • Whoopi had much to say about Republicans' eagerness to "bond" with Putin. (Photo: ABC)
    Whoopi had much to say about Republicans' eagerness to "bond" with Putin. (Photo: ABC)

    The women of The View had much to say about the GOP's embrace of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has been praised by Donald Trump and Fox News' Tucker Carlson. While the co-hosts were quick to point out the connection between Putin and Trump, they weren't shocked by "the traitorous behavior" of Republicans who have praised Putin's efforts. "I'm not surprised that they really love the idea because it kind of sounds like they're admiring a guy who rigs elections and is a macho leader," said Whoopi. "It sounds like this is what they would like to bond with."

    On Tuesday, Trump called Putin's invasion of Ukraine a "savvy" and "genius" move, and he insisted that the invasion "never would've happened" if he were still in office. "No, you would've sold the country," replied Whoopi, after Trump's audio played.

    "That is the dumbest remark," said Joy Behar. "And a lot of people in the GOP right now are buying this lie that he would've solved the problem. He would've said, 'Here. Here is Ukraine. Take it! I'm going to build a casino there any minute.'"

    Behar went on to say that "the traitorous behavior that's going on right now on the right — it's unbelievable," especially in the wake of World War II. "Having grown up in a country that fought this fascism, we are now becoming the people that we fought!"

    Whoopi then played a clip of Carlson dismissing criticism of Putin to showcase conservatives' flip-flopping stance on Russia. "It's an alt-right nation. It's a very, very Christian nation, and they are not good to LGBTQ people or people of any color," she said, adding that Republicans seem eager to "bond with" these kind of principles.

    "It's reminiscent of January 6, isn't it?" added Sunny Hostin, in a statement that would eventually end the discussion. "'Let's just take the election. Let's take over the Capitol.'"

    Elsewhere on The View... Joy Behar opened up about being fired from Good Morning America in the 1980s for her less-than-stellar receptionist skills. While Behar was initially reluctant to relive her first ABC firing, Sara Haines helped to fill in the blanks for viewers. "Joy, can you tell them why you were fired?" said Haines. "You were a receptionist, and how did you answer the phone?"

    "She got a call and she answered," Haines continued. "'Where is so and so?' 'How should I know?!'

    The moment seemed to perk up Behar, who finally offered some new information about her brief stint on the GMA phones. "When I was fired — and you guys would do the same thing, I'm sure — there was a big picture of me behind my desk with a line through my picture," she recalled. "They thought that was funny. I think that my co-workers missed me but they got rid of me because, I don't know, I wasn't good at the job."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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