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Whoopi Goldberg Relives Her Night at the Met Gala: My Body Was 'Done'

"At the end of the evening, I went to pick my leg up and my leg said, 'We're not moving.'"
  • Whoopi Goldberg had much to say about her big night out at Monday's Met Gala. (Photos: ABC)
    Whoopi Goldberg had much to say about her big night out at Monday's Met Gala. (Photos: ABC)

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    Whoopi Goldberg had quite the night at the Met Gala. This morning on The View, Goldberg relived the highs and lows of her evening, which included one very long trip up the stairs in a purple frock designed by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. While the gown may have been gorgeous, the longtime moderator reminded viewers that beauty is pain as she explained that she was barely able to get up from the table at the end of the event. "My body said, 'You're done. You're just finished,'" joked Goldberg.

    The View's co-hosts had much to say about Monday night's Met Gala, but first, they celebrated Goldberg's big night out on the town (she famously prefers to stay in her house, alone). "I have to thank Valentino designer Pierpaolo, who dressed me for the ball," she said. "The reason this was so extraordinary is because I said, 'Why? Why me?' And he said, 'Because I see you as many women. And many women need to know that couture is in them. They don't get into couture; couture gets into them.'"

    It's a sweet sentiment, but niceties don't make high heels any more comfortable. "Let me tell you what happened," explained Goldberg. "At the end of the evening, which for me was 12:30, I went to pick my leg up, and my leg said, 'We're not moving.'"

    Shoe issues aside, Goldberg said that she had a "great" night, and she even called out Justin Bieber by name as someone who "kicked butt" at the event. "For me, it was just a pleasure," she said. "It was a wonderful evening."

    Of course, all the good vibes in the world couldn't stop Goldberg from riffing on her least favorite topic: taxes. After the discussion shifted to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Tax the Rich" dress, the longtime moderator complained that because "the top 1%" consists of anyone who makes more than $421,000 a year (according to her notecard), AOC's policy "could be a problem" for many people.

    "They don't know how much you do for your family. They don't know if you're raising your grandkids or anything," said Goldberg. "The problem for me with all of this is people don't know what you're putting in if you're making $500,000, if you're raising grandkids or taking care of parents and all kinds of stuff. And then you want to take more money? And then you're mad that I'm mad?"

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