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Whoopi Goldberg Calls for an AR-15 Ban: 'This Gun is Meant to Kill People!'

"I don't care, NRA. You've got to give that gun up!"
  • Whoopi renewed her plea for gun reform on The View this morning. (Photo: ABC)
    Whoopi renewed her plea for gun reform on The View this morning. (Photo: ABC)

    As new details emerge about the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas last week, Whoopi Goldberg is adding her voice to the chorus of politicians — including some Republicans — calling for a ban on assault rifles. In an impassioned monologue, Whoopi insisted AR-15-style weapons are "meant to kill people" and must be banned in order to prevent more mass shootings. "You can't have this gun because it kills people and children, and I'm sick of it!" said The View's longtime moderator.

    The View opened Tuesday's episode with a discussion about the Uvalde police department's failure to act quickly after a shooter opened fire, killing 19 children and two adults. While Joy Behar was hopeful that the police's inaction might spur gun reform — "The cops are scared of the AR-15," she said — guest co-host Tara Setmayer focused on the response itself. "Seeing the absolute abject failure of the local police department to not go in is incredibly disappointing, and that chief should resign," she said. "It dishonors the memory of those children that they were cowards and didn't do the right thing."

    "This was an egregious error, we can all agree on that," said Sunny Hostin. "But to your point, Joy, if you have your family that you want to get to at home, even though you've taken the oath to protect and serve and you're protecting and serving against an AR-15, you're not going to get home."

    Hostin went on to say that this is "all about the guns," a point Whoopi echoed a few minutes later. "Listen, this AR-15's got to go," said the moderator. "There is too much at stake here. Too many lives have been at stake, and too many damn little kids!"

    "I'm sick of seeing people talk about, 'Well, we should do something.' We should do something!" continued Whoopi. "And I don't care, NRA, you've got to give that gun up! You can have your other yeehaw guns, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is not a gun where you're going to go out and shoot your dinner. This gun is meant to kill people! That's what it's for, and you can't have it anymore."

    Elsewhere on The View... In honor of the show's 25th anniversary, The View will be broadcasting from the Bahamas the week of June 27. "This show has been on the air for 25 seasons. And we are long, long, long, long overdue for a vacation," said Whoopi, who made the announcement at the end of Tuesday's episode. The View will air from the Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, where the co-hosts will enjoy fruity cocktails and "Hot Tropics."

    So much for the promise of an "epic" announcement...

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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