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The View Resurrects Joy Behar's 1996 TUMS Commercial

The bizarre spot will give you heartburn, fast.
  • Joy Behar relived her glory days as a TUMS commercial actress this morning on The View. (Photo: ABC)
    Joy Behar relived her glory days as a TUMS commercial actress this morning on The View. (Photo: ABC)

    It's another wild and wooly week on The View. On Thursday morning, the ladies took a detour during a Hot Topic about George Clooney's regret over Batman & Robin to resurrect Joy Behar's 1996 TUMS commercial, in which she plays a diner waitress who learns that heartburn works for everyone, "pregnant, or not."

    During a discussion about whether there's "something in your past that still makes you cringe" (a feeling Clooney expressed about Batman & Robin), Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she regrets appearing in Theodore Rex, a 1996 buddy cop comedy that earned her a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. "I was in one movie that makes no sense to anyone, but people love it," she said. "It's about my relationship as a police officer with a talking dinosaur."

    Sara Haines then reminded Behar that she "did commercials in her earlier days," and directed the panel's attention to the 30-second spot for TUMS.

    "I love it! I love it so much!" said Sunny Hostin, after the ad played (almost in full). "I knew I remembered you from somewhere — it was the TUMS commercial," joked Haines.

    "I've gotta tell you something. You didn't need TUMS back then. You need it now. You have acid reflux!" said Ana Navarro. "I'm taking TUMS all the time now," replied Behar with a laugh.

    Behar went on to complain that when she does book acting gigs, she's "always named something like Gertrude" or Edith. "They don't give me, like, girl names. They give me like a woman's name," she said. "I think I'm like a character actress. So, they don't give us cute names when you're a character actress."

    Name complaints aside, Behar does have some ideas about her next role. "If someone wants to hire me as a shrink in a series, I will do that," she said. "I am good at that."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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