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The View in Review

The View Mocks Rudy Giuliani: 'I Know More About the Law From John Grisham Novels'

The co-hosts had a field day with Giuliani's "operatic" fall from grace on Friday's show.
  • Joy Behar and Meghan McCain discuss Rudy Giuliani on The View (ABC/Fox News)
    Joy Behar and Meghan McCain discuss Rudy Giuliani on The View (ABC/Fox News)

    It was good vibes all around Friday morning on The View as the co-hosts shared a laugh at Rudy Giuliani's expense. The panel spent two full segments discussing the FBI's raid of Giuliani's home and his "sad" attempt to clear his name during a Thursday night appearance on Fox News, a move that the ladies agreed was a poor choice. "In every movie I've ever seen, your lawyer tells you not to talk during an investigation," said Sara Haines. "But after watching that kind of gaslighting performance on Tucker Carlson, I thought, 'I might know more about the law from John Grisham novels.'"

    "From Borat to Four Seasons Total Landscaping to leaking shoe polish from his head on camera, the scandals of Rudy Giuliani never lack entertainment value," said Joy Behar at the top of Friday's show. She then played a clip of Giuliani's interview with Tucker Carlson, during which he claimed that "there was no justification" for the FBI's "illegal, unconstitutional" search warrant.

    The View's resident legal scholar Sunny Hostin disputed his claim, explaining that "there are so many hoops to jump through" in order to get a federal search warrant, and it's likely that, in Giuliani's case, the FBI went all the way to the Attorney General for approval. All in all, said Hostin, Giuliani "should be very worried" about what the FBI might uncover on his digital devices.

    Guest co-host Ana Navarro then chimed in to say that she no longer recognizes the Rudy Giuliani that has emerged under Trump. "I have not seen a more precipitous fall than Rudy Giuliani," she said. "It's like Donald Trump has the reverse Midas touch. Instead of everything he touches turning to gold, everything he touches turns to mold, turns to trash, turns to fungus. And I think the fall of Rudy Giuliani is just operatic. He's gone from being America's Mayor to American Crime Story ... This is really a sad, sad ending and last chapter for Rudy Giuliani. It's kind of pathetic."

    Rather than continue the Giuliani laugh-fest, McCain turned the group's attention to the former mayor's neighbor, Michelle Herbert, who held a press conference outside their building that yielded zero new information. "She should definitely be cast in the new New York Housewives," joked McCain. "[Giuliani] has taken a very strange fall from grace, but if the best thing to come out of this right now is Michelle Herbert, I would like to invite her on The View."

    After the break, Sara Haines closed out the discussion by questioning Giuliani's legal savvy. "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. What has happened to you?" she said, noting that any film lawyer would tell their client to "shut up; don't say anything" amidst an investigation.

    "But the best part of this is that he chose to go on Tucker Carlson. Because let me just remind everyone that last year, a judge ruled that, 'Any reasonable viewer should be able to discern that Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight was not a source of actual facts, but instead non-literal commentary made for entertainment,'" continued Haines. "So, if it was just about entertainment, I'm here for it."

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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