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The View Hosts React to SCOTUS' Roe v. Wade Debate: 'How Dare You!'

"This is going to put the people that have the least among us in more danger, with less options," said Sara Haines.
  • Whoopi, Sunny, and the the rest of the co-hosts advocated for Roe v. Wade Thursday morning on The View. (Photos: ABC)
    Whoopi, Sunny, and the the rest of the co-hosts advocated for Roe v. Wade Thursday morning on The View. (Photos: ABC)

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    This morning, the women of The View came together to condemn conservatives on the U.S. Supreme court, who seem to be indicating that they will vote to uphold Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban. The co-hosts were clear that such a ruling would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade, and they blasted the 6-3 conservative majority for imposing their political will on a country that largely supports abortion rights. "My problem comes when you tell me what I need to do with my doctor and my family — how dare you!" said Whoopi Goldberg. "How dare you!"

    After playing a series of audio clips from Wednesday's oral arguments about the Mississippi law, Whoopi laid into the conservative justices, particularly the men, for attempting to legislate what women do with their bodies. "Do any of you men have any eggs or the possibility of carrying a fetus?" she said. "How dare you talk about what a fetus wants! You have no idea!"

    Sara Haines then chimed in to say that overturning Roe vs. Wade "is not going to stop abortions" — it will "stop safe abortions." She cited a story Rita Moreno has told about nearly bleeding out from a botched abortion over 50 years ago, adding, "This is going to put the people that have the least among us in more danger, with less options. And they definitely aren't going to up their social offers in helping these babies and mothers when they're on their own."

    "That't the thing. They're all into 'sanctity of life' except when it comes to the four teenagers that just died in Oxford High School in Michigan," replied guest co-host Ana Navarro. "How about their right to life and their right to pursue happiness?"

    Sunny Hostin, for her part, reiterated that while she personally doesn't support abortion (she's a devout Catholic), it wouldn't be right to push her beliefs on anyone else. "I understand that 60% of Americans say Roe should be upheld, and I also understand that not everyone was raised in the Catholic faith, and that not everyone believes what I believe," she said. "As a lawyer, I understand that I should never confuse church and state, and that I should never impose my beliefs on anyone else."

    Hostin added that she and Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's third Supreme Court nominee, both went to Notre Dame Law School, and it "makes [her] uncomfortable" that they seem to have taken away different messages from their studies. "I've met her, and the arguments that she was making were very disingenuous. They weren't supported by the law," said Hostin. "She's a brilliant woman, but she was not brilliant here."

    Whoopi closed out the segment by addressing Coney Barrett's remark that safe haven and other adoption laws are a viable solution to "forced" motherhood. "Please look up the numbers of how often, and who, gets adopted. It's not a whole lot of folks at this table," said Whoopi. "Basically she's saying, 'Toss them in. It'll be fine. People will carry the kids and then we'll put them in the system.' No! We're not going to put them in the system. We're going to find a better way to make women comfortable in what they're going to do."

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