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The View Hosts Celebrate Letitia James' Trump Lawsuit: 'I'm Thinking Him Into Jail!'

"We're so giddy!"
  • Whoopi and Joy were all smiles this morning on The View. (Photos: ABC)
    Whoopi and Joy were all smiles this morning on The View. (Photos: ABC)

    The women of The View were downright giddy Thursday morning as they discussed New York Attorney General Letitia James' fraud lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and three of his adult children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump.

    After playing a clip of James announcing the 200-plus-page lawsuit, Whoopi Goldberg teed up a bit of Trump's Wednesday interview with Sean Hannity, in which he said presidents can declassify documents "even by thinking about it." When The View cut back to the table, Whoopi's face was scrunched up, as if in deep concentration.

    "What are you doing, Whoopi?" asked Joy Behar. "I'm thinking him into jail!" replied Whoopi, much to the audience's delight.

    Putting on her legal hat, Sunny Hostin noted that James' lawsuit claims that Trump's financial statements "included more than 200 false and misleading asset valuations." Explained Hostin, "You can get put in jail for just doing one [false] thing. Just one."

    "But he exaggerates everything," added Behar. "'The crowd is enormous!' Remember Marla Maples had to be forced to put on the cover of the New York Post, 'Best sex I ever had.' You know he put her up to that!"

    "He'll go to jail and be like, 'This cell is the biggest, most beautiful cell I've ever been in! 14,000 square foot cell I'm in,'" she joked.

    Behar went on to admit that while she's "so giddy" at the prospect of Trump going to prison — "Somebody try to contain Joy's excitement," said Alyssa Farah Griffin — she's "been there before" and is trying to "temper" her expectations.

    But despite her warning to Behar, Griffin didn't sugarcoat Trump's no good, very bad week. "This is objectively his worst week," she said, listing off James' suit, the January 6 investigation, the DOJ grand jury, and E. Jean Carroll's sexual assault claim.

    "The chickens are coming home to roost," said Griffin. "And as somebody who worked for Donald Trump, can I say this? He tried to defraud the American public! In the election — he lost, he lied about it. He tried to put up fake electors. This is what he's done his entire life, and I hope the American public sees it."

    "Republicans at home: why are we thinking of re-nominating this man?" she added a few minutes later. "He's a crook. He's a fraud. We deserve a better option."

    The mood may have dipped slightly over the course of the segment, but Whoopi managed to end things on a high note when she reminded viewers that this is "how they got Al Capone."

    "This is how they took him down," she said, before breaking out in a huge smile and waving "goodbye" to the twice-impeached president.

    It's always nice to see the ladies in a good mood — and with Trump's legal woes mounting, The View co-hosts may soon have plenty to smile about.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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