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The View Hosts Come Together to Blast 'Liar' Aaron Rodgers

"Does Typhoid Mary ring a bell, anybody?" asked Joy Behar.
  • The co-hosts tore into NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers Friday morning. (Photos: ABC/Green Bay Packers)
    The co-hosts tore into NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers Friday morning. (Photos: ABC/Green Bay Packers)

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    The View's week of sports-related programming continued Friday morning when the co-hosts discussed Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodger's efforts to lie about his vaccination status. The ladies were united in their condemnation of Rodgers, who they insisted is a "liar" who has put others at risk by claiming he was "immunized" against COVID-19 via a homeopathic treatment. As Joy Behar put it, "Does Typhoid Mary ring a bell, anybody?"

    This week, Rodgers found his name in the headlines when he tested positive for COVID-19, prompting questions about whether he has been vaccinated. In August, the quarterback said that he has been "immunized" against the virus, leading many to believe that he is vaccinated, when in fact he is not. "The NFL says that they're investigating whether Rodgers violated protocols," said Behar, as she introduced the Hot Topic. "But let me just say that the guy is in a huddle six days a week breathing on people and directly exposing his teammates to COVID."

    Sunny Hostin dinged Rodgers for avoiding the truth with his comment about being "immunized" from "some sort of nasal spray" he received from his doctor. "He thinks that is protecting him from COVID-19," she said. "How can you put other lives at risk in that way?"

    "There's got to be a level playing field," added Ana Navarro (she did acknowledge her pun, for those interested). "It can't be that because you're one of the biggest stars, those rules don't apply to you. This guy has a $134 million, four-year deal. I remember how the NFL reacted when Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Well, nobody was going to die from Colin Kaepernick taking a knee! Nobody was going to catch a pandemic disease that's continuing to ravage the world from taking a knee."

    For her part, former co-host Paula Faris, this morning's Flashback Friday guest, said that she doesn't believe Rodgers lied. "It was sneaky. He misled everybody," she said, prompting Sara Haines to remind her that "intention to mislead is lying."

    "I love Aaron Rodgers, but the problem that I have with this is the NFL does not require its athletes to get vaccinated, but if you are unvaccinated, you have to divulge that," said Faris. "You have to wear a mask at all times, which he's not doing ... I just think, just come out and say, 'I'm not vaccinated.' Don't say, 'I was immunized.'"

    After a few more jokes about Rodgers' nasal spray, Hostin shifted the blame to the league. "My question is, what is the NFL going to do? What are the consequences here?" she asked. "Because the consequences of Colin Kaepernick kneeling and standing up for social justice is that he is not playing in the league. I want to know if they're going to let this guy continue to play in the league!"

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