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The View Answers an Age-Old Question: Would You Cheat on Your Spouse for $1 Billion?

The ladies had a little fun Thursday morning after two days of Michele Tafoya-induced chaos.
  • Suffice it to say Whoopi Goldberg was not a fan of this morning's sex-related Hot Topic. (Photo: ABC)
    Suffice it to say Whoopi Goldberg was not a fan of this morning's sex-related Hot Topic. (Photo: ABC)

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    After two days of complete and utter chaos, the women of The View were finally able to have a little fun Thursday morning. The mood was light as the co-hosts discussed a viral TikTok in which a woman asks her partner if he would cheat on her for $1 billion, and they laughed as they ran through the list of billionaires they would and wouldn't sleep with for cash. Spoiler: Mark Zuckerberg, yes; Jeff Bezos, no.

    The View typically features one or two softball topics every day, and this morning's didn't disappoint. "Now we're going to get into really the deep stuff that's going on in the country today," said Whoopi Goldberg, by way of introduction. "There's a TikTok that's gone viral of a woman asking her husband if he'd cheat on her for $1 billion. He said he'd go as low as $100,000 because it would benefit the whole family. What a selfless guy. But, I guess the question is, if you were asked, would you accept the offer for a certain price? Or how low would you go?"

    Joy Behar was first to chime in. "Well, it depends. If it were George Clooney, I'd do it for like 5 bucks," she said. "If it's Donald Trump, I want $3 billion!"

    "Donald Trump doesn't have $3 billion. He pretends he does," replied Ana Navarro, earning a laugh from the audience. "And George Clooney, I'm willing to pay him."

    Navarro then listed off the people who would actually be able to afford this kind of, uh, exchange. "When you're talking about $1 billion, it's pretty slim pickings, so here are some of your pickings," she said. "Mark Zuckerberg: yeah, I would take a billion. Warren Buffet. Bill Gates. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos: oh, lord. That's hard earned money, man."

    The list of names gave Behar an opportunity to get in one of her favorite jokes. "Warren Buffet would need Viagra, I'm sorry," she said, as Goldberg shot a look to producers off-screen. It marked the first of many times Goldberg attempted to distance herself from the discussion — she later joked that she's "outside the door" on this topic, and began singing over her co-hosts in an attempt to drown them out — though it never quite worked.

    Of course, the topic also gave Sunny Hostin a chance to stump for monogamy (and to threaten her husband's life, should he ever cheat). She referenced the movie Indecent Proposal, which she insisted proves that "no amount of money makes you truly happy" if your relationship lacks trust. "It will destroy your relationship," said Hostin, before turning to the audience for backup. "Is anyone with me? Wouldn't it destroy your relationship?!"

    "Who's with me for a billion?!" asked Sara Haines, as the crowd erupted.

    Behar then attempted to distinguish between an "emotional relationship" and "a roll in the hay," but Hostin couldn't be moved. "We have had this discussion before, and it has been an accepted fact by the entire table," said Navarro, "That whether emotional or just physical, Manny Hostin is dead."

    Sensing that things were wrapping up, Goldberg finally shared her thoughts. "For $1 billion, yeah, I'm taking you for the bill," said the moderator. "If he don't want to come, or she doesn't want to come, or wherever I'm at on any given day, if they don't want to join in, I'm taking that billion for myself!"

    As you should, Whoopi. As you should.

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