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Sunny Hostin: 'Gun Reform Legislation is Dead on Arrival' After SCOTUS Concealed Carry Ruling

On Thursday, the Supreme Court struck down a New York law regulating concealed guns in public.
  • Sunny Hostin offered a grim prediction about gun legislation this morning. (Photo: ABC)
    Sunny Hostin offered a grim prediction about gun legislation this morning. (Photo: ABC)

    Just minutes after the Supreme Court struck down a century-old New York law regulating concealed guns in public, the women of The View discussed the implications of the 6-3 ruling. While each of the co-hosts criticized the decision, former prosecutor Sunny Hostin offered the grimmest prediction when she said the SCOTUS ruling could undercut Congress' bipartisan gun reform bill. "Gun reform legislation is dead on arrival now," said Hostin. "Any legislation that is passed — and I don't think it's going to pass — is going to be challenged in court."

    Moderator Whoopi Goldberg opened the discussion with a condemnation of the ruling, which she declared is "such a middle finger to New York" and its residents. "It makes you wonder, what does this mean — are we saying to people, 'Yes, you can come to the city and conceal your weapon,' and now the police have to figure out who's carrying and who's not?" she said. "It's insane."

    As Hostin laid out the Supreme Court's shifting stance on concealed carry permits, she explained Thursday's decision will reach far beyond New York. "It doesn't only apply to New York. It's a federal decision, because it's the Supreme Court, so it will become the law of the land," she said. "And it does expand the Second Amendment right as we know it."

    After guest co-host Ana Navarro blasted the decision as "tone deaf," particularly in the wake of mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, Hostin once again put on her legal hat. She insisted the bipartisan gun reform bill, which made it through the Senate earlier this week, is "dead on arrival" in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling, as "the Supreme Court now has said, you have the right to carry a gun if there's a self-defense reason, any time, any place, anywhere."

    "So, you're saying even if this gun legislation goes through the House and the Senate ... are you saying there's now no chance that this could go through?" asked Sara Haines.

    "In my view, even if it goes through, it will be challenged in court," replied Hostin. "But I think now you will be successful if you challenge."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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