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Sunny Hostin Skewers Biden for Ignoring Haitian Refugee Crisis: 'Enough is Enough!'

"U.S. policy towards Haiti has always been corrupt," said Hostin during her fiery monologue.
  • Sunny Hostin left it all out on the table Tuesday morning. (Photo: ABC)
    Sunny Hostin left it all out on the table Tuesday morning. (Photo: ABC)

    Sunny Hostin was not messing around this morning as she delivered a fiery monologue about the horrific footage of U.S. Border Patrol officials beating Haitian refugees at the southern border. Hostin insisted that "U.S. policy towards Haiti has always been corrupt," and she skewered President Biden for ignoring the crisis, as well as the devastation that contributed to it. "This is against international law," said the co-host. "I'm so disappointed — so disappointed — in the Biden administration today."

    Hostin is typically the most progressive co-host on The View's panel, but on Tuesday, she and guest co-host Carly Fiorina, a former Republican presidential candidate, were united in their criticism of the president. "My question to the Biden administration is: why aren't you talking about Haiti? Why aren't you doing anything to help Haiti?" said Fiorina. "The administration should've been, I think, more prepared, and I wish they'd talk about it."

    "The reason we're not seeing more help — and I'm going to be frank about it — is because they're Haitian. That is the history," replied Hostin. "It really began with the raping and pilfering of France by Haiti, and the punishment of Haiti for becoming the first Black free nation in our hemisphere."

    Hostin added that the United States' hostile attitude towards Haiti "doesn't have to be that way," yet it persists. "We know that the United States can do it. There is a way to do it, there just is no will to do it," she said, her voice rising. "The White House has promised to bring 95,000 Afghans here. And I'm not saying they shouldn't be brought here, because they should be. That is the promise of this country. But if you can bring 95,000 Afghans here, then why are you sending 86 Haitians back on an airplane to a country that has been devastated?!"

    The former prosecutor explained that this is a personal matter for her, as her husband is Haitian. "I have been to Haiti many, many times, and it is a beautiful, beautiful country with a rich culture and a beautiful people and they should not be treated like this," said Hostin. "Enough is enough!"

    After some more back and forth — during which she insisted the administration's treatment of Haitians violates "the United Nations' 1967 protocol relating to the state of refuge" — Hostin threw down the gauntlet. "We do have the vice president coming on Friday, and I think she should answer this question," she said. "I want to ask her that question, and I think she has to answer it."

    To be continued Friday, then!

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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