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Meghan McCain Explains Why She's Done with COVID: My Father 'Avoided Death Many, Many Times'

"Trigger warning: I'm going to talk about my dad," said the co-host.
  • Meghan McCain returned to The View Tuesday morning after five days away (Photo: ABC)
    Meghan McCain returned to The View Tuesday morning after five days away (Photo: ABC)

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    Now that she's armed (literally) with her second COVID-19 vaccine, Meghan McCain is ready to move on from the pandemic. Tuesday morning on The View, McCain insisted that she's "double-vaccinated and life is normal," a sentiment that she feels puts her at odds with many liberal Americans. "I don't think the purpose of life is simply to avoid death," said the conservative co-host. "I had a dad who avoided death many, many times, and told me that life is about rolling the dice and taking the risks and marrow-sucking, and really living."

    After five days away from The View (she took Friday and Monday off), McCain was fired up and ready to re-enter the world of Hot Topics this morning. During a discussion about a New York Times report claiming that the CDC is "pushing misleading numbers on the current risk of transmission" outdoors, McCain said that she's ready to ease up after a year of precaution. "What's confusing for me, and many people that are on the other side of this is, if we're all vaccinated, and the vaccine works, I don't understand the purpose of still wearing masks everywhere outside, like you see our president doing," she said, noting that "when you lose the New York Times on an issue like this, you may be tonally off the mark."

    "I understand that there's different levels of comfort for different people," continued McCain, "But I think the thing we can't underscore is the amount of trauma that the American public has gone through ... The messaging has been really bad. And I think you see vaccine hesitancy for a lot of different reasons, but some of it is because it doesn't look like anything in life is going to change. And that's a real problem for the American public; it's a real problem for this country."

    McCain added that over the past few months, she's felt that "the way I was raised and the way I view life is completely different and juxtaposed than the way a lot of people on the left view life." Rather than simply avoiding death, she said, the late Sen. John McCain -- "Trigger warning, I'm going to talk about my dad," she said -- taught her to take her chances and have fun in life.

    "I am double vaccinated. I'm told by science that I have a less than 2% chance of getting Covid, and if I do, it will feel like the flu," concluded McCain. "I'm okay going out and living my life in flu season."

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