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Meghan McCain Drags 'Sanctimonious Fool' Chris Cuomo: I Talk About Family On-Air 'Because I'm Not a Snowflake'

"This is the job we signed up for. If you can't hack it, do something else."
  • Meghan McCain made her feelings for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo clear Friday on The View. (Photo: ABC)
    Meghan McCain made her feelings for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo clear Friday on The View. (Photo: ABC)

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    CNN anchor Chris Cuomo may have apologized for advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on his sexual misconduct scandal, but Meghan McCain ain't buying it. On Friday morning, The View co-host dragged Cuomo for refusing to discuss the allegations on CNN, as he's paid to discuss the news, whether it affects his family or not. "If my dad had been accused of sexual assault, I would be talking about it on The View because I'm not a snowflake," said McCain. "This is the job we signed up for. If you can't hack it, you should do something else."

    Last night, after a day's worth of outrage, Cuomo apologized on-air for meeting with his brother's advisers earlier this spring, but he defended his decision to do so, in the first place. "I can be objective about just about any topic, but not my family," said the younger Cuomo brother. "I'm family first, job second."

    As you can imagine, McCain wasted no time tearing into that remark this morning. "I just think it's really hypocritical," she said. "We're all in positions where we work in media and politics and we have to talk about people that we love."

    "During the height of Cuomo-mania [in Spring 2020], he was having his brother on almost every night. He was making jokes with giant Q-Tips, with prop comedy, as older people in nursing homes and people in disabilities were having COVID-positive patients put in there and dying," continued McCain, adding that Andrew Cuomo is a "macabre ghoul" for allegedly covering up the nursing home scandal. "CNN can't have it both ways. You can't spend hours and hours a day criticizing Fox and Fox News contributors' and hosts' relationship with the Trump White House, and at the same time give him a very, very slight slap on the wrist."

    "Chris Cuomo is a sanctimonious fool," concluded McCain. "And I think the fact that he's acting like he's just too precious to talk about his brother — I, too, have family in politics. It's tough. I would talk about them on-air, and I have when it's hard. Grow up."

    When Joy Behar insisted that the problem seems to be that Chris Cuomo advised his brother with "other people" (as in, his brother's advisers) on the phone, McCain insisted that such details don't really matter here, as Cuomo is only apologizing because he "got caught" in his lie. "I would be woman enough to talk about it on the show, because that's what I'm paid to do," she explained of the difference between her and Chris Cuomo. "I'm paid to be on TV to talk about the news, and if my family's in the news, even if they did something bad — if my brother was accused of sexual assault, or killing old people, I would talk about it on The View and say, 'This is really hard, but he should be held accountable.'"

    "And apparently, that's too much for Chris Cuomo to do. And for CNN to hold him accountable to do," McCain concluded. "Which is the difference between CNN and me."

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