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Joy Behar Puts Sunny Hostin on the Spot: 'Do You Picture' Your Son Having Sex?

"He's 19!" said Behar. "What, is he going to do it in the chicken coop?"
  • Joy, leave Sunny's poor son alone! (Photos: ABC)
    Joy, leave Sunny's poor son alone! (Photos: ABC)

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    Joy Behar is no stranger to TMI moments, but typically, she leaves her co-hosts out of it. That wasn't the case this morning, when Behar derailed a discussion about teens having co-ed sleepovers with questions about Sunny Hostin's 19-year-old son, Gabriel, having sex in her home. Leave Gabriel out of this, Joy!

    What started as a Hot Topic about Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) allowing her 17-year-old son to have sleepovers with his girlfriend in HBO Max's And Just Like That quickly veered off the rails Thursday morning when Hostin said she would never do such a thing. "I've actually had some of my dear friends say, 'Sunny, you're being a prude. You're being too strict,'" she said. "And my son has come home and said, 'Can't she stay over?' I'm like, 'In whose house?' It's so confusing to me!"

    Hostin added her son "thought when he went to college, somehow the rules changed," a point which Behar took issue with. "Come on!" said Behar, rolling her eyes. "He's 19! What, is he going to do it in the chicken coop?"

    After landing a legitimately funny zinger — Sara Haines asked if she ever had sex in her parents' house, to which Behar responded, "No, but neither did my parents!" — Behar turned her attention back to poor Gabriel. "Be in reality, darling. He's 19 years old," she told Hostin. "What is your problem? Do you picture them doing something, or what?"

    "Oh, Joy. Now I am," Haines replied under her breath, while Hostin ignored the remark. "I think there's a lot of responsibility that comes with being sexually active," she said. "I do believe that you should be married. I think it should occur in the sanctity of marriage. But notwithstanding my beliefs, I think there are a lot of responsibilities that come. Pregnancy can come with that; I don't believe in abortion. And so I'm seeing grand-motherhood, I'm seeing all sorts of stuff that I don't think a 19-year-old is prepared to handle."

    In the segment's final moments, Haines and guest co-host Deborah Roberts chimed in to agree with Hostin, prompting Behar to admit that she's probably "not in reality" when it comes to teens having sex. "I'm obviously the only one who disagrees here," she added, as Haines and Hostin asked her if she would allow her child to have sex in her house.

    "I would," replied Behar. "Wear a mask! Wear a mask and enjoy yourself."

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