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Joy Behar Admits She Has a 'Daddy Thing' in Out-of-Control Larry David Discussion

"I always found Larry sexy. Smart, funny, and now rich. What's not to like?" said Behar.
  • Ana Navarro could not control herself Friday morning as Joy Behar talked about wanting to schtup Larry David. (Photos: ABC)
    Ana Navarro could not control herself Friday morning as Joy Behar talked about wanting to schtup Larry David. (Photos: ABC)

    Leave it to Joy Behar to objectify Larry David. Friday morning on The View, Behar admitted that she's "always found Larry sexy," likely due to what guest co-host America Ferrara described as "something to do with daddy issues." Behar eagerly agreed, telling the panel, "I was in love with my dad!" As always, TMI, Joy.

    The View spent the first half of the morning discussing some heavy subjects (more on that below), but they settled into a lighthearted Friday mood when Behar introduced a Hot Topic about Larry David's newfound status as a sex symbol. Behar said that she completely agrees with stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra Banks who have said David is sexy, as he's "smart, funny, and now rich. What's not to like?"

    Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro attempted to sway Behar's opinion of David — "I'm having trouble coming up with the sexy part of it. Do you want to instantly rip your clothes off when he makes a joke?" said Hostin — but she would not be deterred. As she "made [her] case," she said that all of her husbands "have been very, very Jewish," so David seems to fit the bill. "Sorry, that's my type is a Jewish guy. I like a Jewish guy," she said, adding that she likes her men "thin" and with glasses.

    "Here's my theory," said Behar. "My father was skinny and tall, okay? When I was a little girl in World War II — that's how old I am, I'd be on the subway, I'd see some sailors and I'd say, 'My daddy's a sailor, too!' A real Shirley Temple, okay? I was in love with my father!"

    Elsewhere on The View... Sadly, The View's jovial mood didn't carry across the entire show. In the second Hot Topic segment, America Ferrera and Sunny Hostin came armed with receipts during a discussion about President Biden reviving (and expanding the implementation of) Trump's "Stay in Mexico" immigration policy under a court order. "Not only is this a broken campaign promise; this is an incredible disappointment that will put tens of thousands of people in real danger," said Ferrera. "Joe Biden should be doing everything in his power to keep his promise."

    "Joe Biden's ancestors came to this country as Irish immigrants. He knows better, he needs to do better, and he did break all of his campaign promises," added Hostin. "It is your right, the minute you step into this country, to seek asylum, and that's what people are doing. And now, Joe Biden is basically breaking the law. His administration is breaking the law!"

    Ferrera and Hostin's argument ignited a tense debate with Ana Navarro, who repeatedly insisted that "we need to figure out how to do better" when it comes to immigration, but declined to offer any specific ideas. Still, the progressive side of the table wasn't having it. "It's very interesting to me that Melania is such a genius that she was able to get into this country from Slovenia and brought her family back!" said Hostin. "So, if you look like you're from Slovenia, it's perfectly okay for you to get here, and chain migration is perfectly okay. But it's not okay if you're a Haitian immigrant or if you're from Central America or if you're from another country and you end up under a bridge, you've gotta go back."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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