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The View in Review

Joy Behar Would Rather Burn Down Her Guest House Than Host Overnight Visitors

And other Joy-isms from Whoopi's birthday celebration on The View.
  • It may be Whoopi's birthday, but it was Joy Behar who stole the show Friday morning. (Photo: ABC)
    It may be Whoopi's birthday, but it was Joy Behar who stole the show Friday morning. (Photo: ABC)

    The mood was light on The View today as the ladies celebrated Whoopi's birthday with a live DJ, a surprise appearance from Nicolle Wallace, and a performance by Anita Ward. While the day may have been all about Whoopi (except when ABC forced her to mention Disney+ Day in a show of corporate synergy), it was Joy Behar who stole the show with her classic one-liners. Today's Joy-isms included a brief moment when she forgot about the existence of the Atlantic Ocean, some confusion surrounding stereotypical acting roles, and even a promise to burn down her guest house, should anyone ever attempt to stay there:

    Joy to the Atlantic Ocean: "I Don't Know Who This Man Is"

    The View fans didn't have to wait long to catch the first Joy-ism of the morning. After the ladies walked out to Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out," Whoopi thanked DJ Lena for helping the show celebrate her birthday. "DJ Lena spins all over the world, and she postponed going across the water to do some gig to come and play," said Goldberg. "So, thank you, DJ Lena."

    "What water?" asked Joy. "What water? The East River?"

    When Sara Haines informed her that Whoopi meant "the pond," as in, the Atlantic Ocean, the co-hosts laughed it off. "I assumed you realized she wasn't going to Jersey," said Whoopi. "It'll come back to Joy soon."

    Joy is Confused About Stereotypes on Screen

    In the second Hot Topics segment of the day, the ladies discussed the controversy surrounding Darren Star and Neil Patrick Harris' Netflix sitcom Uncoupled, which dropped a stereotypical housekeeper character after the actress, Ada Maris, complained about the "hurtful and derogatory" depiction of Latinas. The co-hosts were united in their support for Maris, but Joy seemed confused during her attempt to weigh in.

    "Is that her objection, that she was playing a maid?" she asked the panel, prompting Sara to clarify that the issue is "the way the maid was written" by co-creators Star and Jeffrey Richman. "So, playing a stereotype character is okay, I guess?" asked Joy.

    "No," replied Whoopi. "I'm asking the question," Joy insisted. "It's like, she's a maid, and that seems to be okay with everybody, but not playing a maid with stereotypical behavior, is that what's wrong?"

    Yes, Joy, that's what's everyone around you has been talking about for the past five minutes.

    Joy Threatens to Burn Down Her Guest House in Hopes of Avoiding Visitors

    As the saying goes, good things come in threes: Joy's final wacko moment of the day came during a discussion about holiday guests who show up, and insist upon staying over, without an invitation. "The death toll is, you have a guest house, I have a guest house," said Ana. "When you have a guest house, they're all coming!"

    "Don't tell people that!" interrupted Joy. "Mind your business! Do not tell people that!"

    After Sunny Hostin told the audience that "it's a nice guest house" and Sara Haines noted how "beautiful" it is, Joy doubled down. "Oh, will you please — I'm going to burn it! I'm burning it," she told her co-hosts. "Don't start with my house!"

    Burning down your own house to prove a point: a wise move all around.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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