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Can Someone Explain Breakup Sex to Sunny Hostin?

The co-host derailed the discussion with endless questions about why people would have sex after breaking up.
  • Sunny Hostin needed a sex ed crash course this morning. (Photo: ABC)
    Sunny Hostin needed a sex ed crash course this morning. (Photo: ABC)

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    The women of The View were downright jovial Wednesday morning as they discussed various Hot Topics, including new audio of Rep. Kevin McCarthy and gender bias in politics, but things quickly went off the rails when it came time to debate the pros and cons of breakup sex. In a not-so-surprising turn, Sunny Hostin was baffled by the concept of "breakup sex," and she derailed the segment with endless questions about why people would want to have sex after breaking up — and why they would want to break up if they're still having sex.

    Joy Behar set the tone for The View's discussion right off the bat, saying, "So, breakup sex. How many people have had it?" She then posed the same question to executive producer Brian Teta, who smiled uncomfortably as the ladies laughed from the table. Poor Brian.

    With that settled, guest co-host Amber Ruffin chimed in first to advocate for breakup sex. "You do it one more time, high five, and then get out of there," she said, before jokingly toning it down for her parents, who were watching at home. "I've only ever had sex with my husband once, just to see what it was about, and then never again."

    "I don't understand the concept of this breakup sex," replied Hostin. "You're breaking up with the person, so are you using the sex to get them back?"

    Sara Haines and Ana Navarro attempted to explain that it's purely physical, but that only seemed to break Hostin's brain even more. "But if it's so good, why are you breaking up?" she asked. "If it's so good, you want to keep that person ... The sex is really good so you want to make the relationship work."

    As Haines, Behar, and Ruffin offered their own theories about the difference between emotional and physical sex for men and women — "In that moment, it's all carnal and physical, and we get to be like the dudes," said Haines — Hostin's confusion only intensified. "I can't believe we need to explain breakup sex to you," said Navarro. "This is not that difficult."

    "I didn't understand it in the Hot Topics meeting! I don't understand it on air!" replied Hostin. "I'm going to explain it to you when we're not on air," warned Navarro. "And I'm going to explain it to you in detail."

    Elsewhere on The View... Navarro did some segment-derailing of her own when she said Tucker Carlson, who spent last week promoting "testicle tanning" in a new Fox Nation special, is upset about his light-skinned scrotum. "Well, now we know why Tucker doesn't like Latinos and African Americans," she said, prompting a raucous round of laughs among the co-hosts. "Brown envy."

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