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Ana Navarro Calls Out Ron DeSantis' Vaccine Hypocrisy: Now You're for 'Big Government'?

"It's a very stupid thing to do," Navarro said of the Florida governor's ban on so-called "vaccine passports."
  • Ana Navarro got heated Monday on The View (Photo: ABC)
    Ana Navarro got heated Monday on The View (Photo: ABC)

    Even with two co-hosts out, The View always finds a way to make things interesting. On Monday morning, Ana Navarro filled in for Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, and she wasted no time getting into the fighting spirit with a rant about her governor, Ron DeSantis (R-FL). Navarro ripped DeSantis for signing a bill into law that bans businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, a move she decried as a hypocritical repudiation of their shared Republican values.

    When asked about the new bill, which ended the "state of emergency" in Florida and overrode local COVID-19 restrictions, Navarro said that DeSantis is merely "making a political point for the Trump base" ahead of his reelection campaign. "I think it's a very stupid thing to do," she added.

    "Republicans, we beat our chests talking about how we're pro-business and how we are against big government," continued Navarro. "And nothing seems more anti-business and more big government to me than the government telling the business how to run their ships, how to do this."

    The guest co-host then turned her attention to DeSantis' war with cruise lines that have said they will require passengers to be vaccinated. "If one person gets Covid on a cruise ship, it's going to ruin it for the entire industry. And what that means economically for the state of Florida, and for other states where the cruise lines are a very important industry, it would be absolutely devastating."

    "If you want to be a pro-business, small government Republican, you should let businesses run their damn businesses as they know how to!" concluded Navarro. "And you go run the government."

    Meghan McCain and Joy Behar are expected to return to The View tomorrow, so viewers likely won't see Navarro again until Friday, her usual fill-in day. In the meantime, here's the schedule of guests for the week of May 10 - May 14 (subject to change):

    Monday, May 10: Bebe Rexha (album, "Better Mistakes"); "View Your Deal"
    Tuesday, May 11: Stacey Abrams (author, While Justice Sleeps)
    Wednesday, May 12: Jake Tapper (The Devil May Dance); The View celebrates National Nurses Week with Carla Brown from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Thursday, May 13: Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Race for a Vaccine)
    Friday, May 14: Day of Hot Topics

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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