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Ana Navarro Blasts Republicans for 'Using Victims of Communism and Socialism as Political Pawns'

"That is inhumane. It is unconscionable. It is heartless. It is cruel."
  • Ana Navarro came out swinging Friday morning on The View. (Photo: ABC)
    Ana Navarro came out swinging Friday morning on The View. (Photo: ABC)

    Ana Navarro appeared on The View just once this week, but she made the most of her Friday appearance when she condemned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for flying dozens of migrants to Democrat-led states.

    Navarro, a Florida resident, blasted DeSantis for using her taxpayer money "as a political stunt to schlep immigrants who are fleeing a communist regime," as she did when her family left Nicaragua in 1980.

    "Republicans talk every day against communism and against socialism," said the co-host. "And yet they have no conscience and no qualms about using victims of communism and socialism as political pawns in a political stunt to get the base out!"

    "That is inhumane. It is unconscionable. It is heartless. It is cruel. And I'll tell you what it is not: it is not Christian!" Navarro continued. "So for all of those Republicans, including Ron DeSantis, telling me he is putting on his 'armor of God,' how dare you bring up Christian values! How dare you go against communism and use these victims of communism for your political gain!"

    In the next segment, Navarro once again made her voice heard when she shut down Joy Behar's attempt to conflate the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran with Republicans' assault on reproductive rights in the United States. As Navarro praised journalist Christiane Amanpour for refusing to bow to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's demand that she wear a headscarf during their interview, she encouraged Americans to follow Amanpour's lead by "standing in solidarity" with Iranian protestors.

    "Well, we should be standing in solidarity in this country from men who are trying to control us with their abortion laws," interrupted Behar.

    "Let's not make that comparison," replied Navarro, wagging her finger at her co-host. When Behar asked, "Why not?" Navarro reminded her that "those women over there are getting killed" for protesting Amini's murder.

    Behar insisted she's "not saying they're equivalent," just that "we need to watch what's going on in our country, too, because these men are trying to control women."

    "I agree, but to me, these are very different conversations," chided Navarro.

    Looks like the first day of fall brought some frost to The View set.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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