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Ana Navarro to Mike Pence: January 6 Mob 'Wanted to Literally Hang' You

Pence recently said that the media's focus on the Capitol insurrection is meant to "demean" Trump supporters.
  • Ana Navarro kicked off the weekend with a fiery monologue about Mike Pence. (Photo: ABC)
    Ana Navarro kicked off the weekend with a fiery monologue about Mike Pence. (Photo: ABC)

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    With Mario Cantone on hand as a guest co-host, The View had a relatively lighthearted show this morning, but Ana Navarro still managed to get in a few shots at the GOP. Navarro took her own party to task during a discussion about former President Trump allegedly telling his associates to defy subpoenas from the January 6 commission, a move that comes on the heels of former VP Mike Pence saying that the media is using the Capitol insurrection to "demean" Trump supporters. "They weren't going after one party," said Navarro. "They were going after American democracy."

    Trump is allegedly trying to use "executive privilege" to ignore four subpoenas from the bipartisan January 6 commission, but former prosecutor Sunny Hostin explained that he doesn't necessarily have the power to do so. "Executive privilege comes with the office of the presidency. It's not attached to the human," she said, adding that she believes Trump is using this "as a stalling tactic" while he plots his next move. "This will end up in a Washington, D.C. federal court, and I think he's hoping to get it into the Supreme Court because he thinks the Supreme Court will side with him."

    "People need to understand that the January 6 commission in Congress has subpoena power," added Navarro. "And some of these folks that are being subpoenaed, like for example Steve Bannon, were not working for the administration! So the argument Sunny was making holds water, and in addition to that it would not apply under executive privilege because he was not working for the administration on January 6."

    Navarro went on to say that "it really upsets" her that "every single American, regardless of party, is not trying to get to the bottom and to the truth of what happened" at the Capitol that day.

    "And the thing that I find even more upsetting is Mike Pence — Mike Pence, who that rabid mob wanted to literally hang from gallows, blaming the media and saying, 'Oh, it's the media wanting to focus on that one day,'" she continued. "He owes it to the Secret Service, he owes it to the Capitol Police that saved his life to get to the bottom of it!"

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