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Ana Navarro Calls Out 'Invertebrate' Josh Hawley: 'He's Running Like Forrest Gump'

The women of The View sounded off on the "action-packed season finale of the January 6 hearings."
  • Ana Navarro lampooned Josh Hawley raising a fist to January 6 protestors on The View Friday morning. (Photos: January 6 committee/ABC)
    Ana Navarro lampooned Josh Hawley raising a fist to January 6 protestors on The View Friday morning. (Photos: January 6 committee/ABC)

    The women of The View had much to discuss Friday morning as they broke down the biggest moments from Thursday's primetime January 6 committee hearing, or as Joy Behar called it, "the action-packed season finale" of the proceedings.

    While Ana Navarro saved the bulk of her criticism for Sen. Josh Hawley, who was shown fleeing from the same mob he riled up hours prior, Sara Haines asked why former Vice President Mike Pence has remained silent, and conservative guest co-host Lindsey Granger insisted Republicans must take action to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president again.

    "Every single hearing we've seen makes the same point: this was planned. This was organized. This was orchestrated. This was expected. This was wanted," said Navarro. "They wanted a coup. They wanted to overturn the election."

    "The other thing that came out — and how could you not? — is Josh Hawley, ugh," she said, conveying her embarrassment for the Republican senator. "What an invertebrate that man is!"

    Navarro said "we all saw" Hawley raise his fist in support of the pro-Trump crowd at the Capitol earlier in the day on January 6, "and then we see him running like the shrimp, wimp, coward, accomplice, hypocrite he is."

    "And then after he's running like Forrest Gump — "Run, Joshua, run!" — after we see him running, then he's got the gall to go out and sell merchandise and fundraise over the fist bump!" continued Navarro. "Chica, please!"

    The co-hosts continued to laugh at Hawley, before Haines pivoted to the committee's reveal that members of Pence's security detail were so afraid, they began calling their families to say goodbye. "Why haven't we heard more from Pence?" she asked. "The reason it seemed like it was going to get bad is because people had a noose, and said they were coming to kill him."

    "The people that need to hear from Mike Pence that his life was on the line, his daughter and his wife were at the White House that day, his detail was calling their family members, people are coming for you with a noose," she said. "Why have we not repeatedly heard him out in public to people, not colleagues, to the people that need to hear it — on Fox News, the people at home — 'This was bad.'"

    For her part, Granger said Thursday's hearing was "the nail in the coffin" for her when it comes to Trump's culpability. "Trump represents, I feel like, the party of Trump," she said. "Trump does not represent me, my values. He does not represent the Republican Party."

    "Oh, that's not true," replied Behar, to which Granger clarified that she meant "in her mind," he doesn't represent the GOP.

    "In my mind, I'm a Sports Illustrated cover model!" said Navarro, earning some laughs from the audience.

    Rather than fire back, Granger changed the subject. "You talk about criminal charges a lot. At the very least, this man cannot become president ever again," she said. "And so this has to be solidified that he did not command one room; he didn't command anything. He's not a commander-in-chief. And we really need to protect our democracy."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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