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Ten New and Returning Shows to Watch on Netflix in February 2021

The streamer's February haul boasts some very familiar faces.
  • Nadiya Bakes, Firefly Lane and The Crew. (Netflix)
    Nadiya Bakes, Firefly Lane and The Crew. (Netflix)

    Several new shows boasting some very familiar faces are making their way to Netflix in February. Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Kevin James, and Great British Baking Show's Nadiya Hussain are all headlining new series, and with Valentine's Day on the calendar, you know that love is in the cards. Here are the new releases we're most looking forward to in February:

    Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, Season 2

    Tiffany Haddish returns with a new line-up of six comedians personally picked by the star. The Emmy-nominated first season showcased figures who've enjoyed some success but not widespread name recognition. This new selection follows a similar pattern, featuring Dean Edwards (SNL), Kimberly Clark (Last Comic Standing), Tony Woods (Comedy Central Presents), Barbara Carlyle (Def Comedy Jam 25), Godfrey (Our Cartoon President), and Erin Jackson (Late Night with Seth Meyers). Each performer gets a 15-20 minute set to make a (hopefully) hilarious lasting impression.
    Available February 2

    Firefly Lane (NEW series)

    Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke return to TV in this new series based in Kristin Hannah's best-selling novel of the same name. Heigl hasn't been able to recapture the Grey's Anatomy success with any of her other TV-leading ventures — State of Affairs, anyone? — but teaming up with Chalke to play life-long BFFs Tully (Heigl) and Kate (Chalke) could be the ticket..
    Available February 3

    Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (NEW series)

    Ticking the true-crime monthly quota box is a new docuseries investigating the real location that inspired American Horror Story: Hotel. Built in 1924, the notorious Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles was once a popular location before it gained a darker reputation in the 1950s that stretches into the 21st-century. Director Joe Berlinger's Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes was a big success in 2019, and this sprawling collection of stories also features a link to Richard Ramirez — aka the subject of January's Night Stalker. The Hunt For a Serial Killer. Ramirez isn't the only serial killer who's said to have paid a visit to this budget hotel. Don't expect a high Trip Advisor score.
    Available February 10

    Nadiya Bakes (NEW series)

    “Baking is my happy place," Great British Baking Show winner Nadiya Hussain explains as she goes back to her cooking roots. After a year of banana bread baking, fan-favorite Nadiya is here to offer up some alternative sweet treats for you to try out at home, while also shining a light on talented bakers and pastry chefs. Offering tips to improve your desserts, this one's likely to be a must-see for Great British Baking Show fans craving a new television delight.
    Available February 12

    Buried by the Bernards (NEW series)

    Move over the Fishers, there's another funeral home family on TV. Buried by the Bernards follows a real family offering affordable funeral packages to their community. The Bernard family is on hand to support those enduring loss by offering comfort and humor during a difficult process. The setting may be unconventional, but normalizing funeral services and showing the human connection is a welcome move.
    Available February 12

    The Crew (NEW series)

    Kevin James is back with a NASCAR-set workplace sitcom. As the crew chief for the fictional Bobby Spencer Racing team, his leadership is put to the test when the owner steps down and puts his daughter Catherine (Jillian Mueller) in charge, leading to clashes with the tech-reliant millennials brought in to modernize the team.
    Available February 15

    Behind Her Eyes (NEW series)

    Steven Lightfoot wrote 20 episodes of Hannibal, so he's no stranger to twisted relationship dynamics, which should put him in good stead for the psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes. Adapted from Sarah Pinborough's best-selling novel, single mother Louise (Simona Brown) is caught in a twisted mind game with her married new boss and his mysterious wife Adele (Eve Hewson). Striking up a friendship with the woman whose husband you're sleeping with probably isn't the best idea, particularly a relationship with this many secrets.
    Available February 17

    Tribes of Europa (NEW series)

    The year is 2074 and a global catastrophe has led to microstates fighting for dominance. Three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe in this dystopian series that appears to combine aspects of other recent German Netflix Originals like sci-fi Dark and The Barbarians. Fighting methods return to the style of the latter, but with added mysterious objects that look as though they came straight out of JJ Abrams' Rambaldi box of tricks.
    Available February 19

    Canine Intervention (NEW series)

    Renowned Oakland dog trainer Jas Leverette runs one of the top dog training facilities in California. This new six-part reality series follows Leverette in his day-to-day work at Cali K9. Each episode will focus on a variety of dogs (and their owners). Leverette has never turned a dog away and uses unique methods to correct obedience and behavior issues.
    Available February 24

    Ginny & Georgia (NEW series)

    This New England-set drama stars a teen daughter who's more mature than her 30-year-old mother sounds a lot like Gilmore Girls. Unlike the Gilmores, Georgia also has a son — though he doesn't warrant a place in the title. This series from Sarah Lampert will have to deliver the goods if it hopes to step out of the Stars Hollow shadow.
    Available February 24

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