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Samantha Bee Returns From Hiatus With a Passionate Defense of Abortion Rights

"May I humbly request that you f*ck the f*ck off?"
  • Samantha Bee returned from hiatus on Thursday and launched right into conservatives' attack on abortion rights. The first day of Full Frontal's break coincided with the release of the Supreme Court's draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, prompting Bee to joke that her first day of hiatus was "a beautiful day to kick back and enjoy the sun and burn our throats to dust with endless screaming."

    "The leaked opinion is infuriating," said Bee, "Not just because it strips away reproductive rights. Justice Alito’s opinion cites a shithead from the 17th goddamn century who defended marital rape and had women executed for witchcraft."

    Bee was particularly critical of Alito for writing that "the right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions.” To his point, the TBS host responded, "You know what else isn’t mentioned in the Constitution? Cars or hamburgers or fuckin’ Brazzers."

    She then played a clip of various Republicans positioning themselves as victims amid abortion advocates' protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

    "Pardon me, but in my civilest way possible, may I humbly request that you fuck the fuck off?" Bee said. "How dare Republicans demand civility as they strip away our civil rights?"

    "The real victims in this atrocity of a court decision will be the people who live in the more than 20 states that would ban abortion after Roe is overturned," she continued. "It is the person who, if certain lawmakers had their way, could be charged with homicide for having a procedure that has been constitutionally protected for nearly half a century."

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