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WATCH: Jeopardy! Fans Love This Veteran Contestant's 'Full-Circle' Moment

Martha Bath won the hearts of fans (and a nice wad of cash) on last night's show.
  • Jeopardy! contestant with a long-term connection to the show won the hearts of fans far and wide last night.

    Martha Bath, a retired CPA from Seattle, revealed that this wasn't her "first rodeo" at the start of the show. "Fifty years ago this spring, I was on the original daytime show with Art Fleming in New York," she told host Ken Jennings. "I won $40 and a set of encyclopedias, and I still have them." 

    Jennings told her they'd be sending her home with "more than $40 tonight", and he wasn't kidding. By the time the show had come to a close, Bath had defeated returning champion Emmett Stanton and sports journalist Christopher Plummet, taking home a total of $30,800. "Or, if we count 1972, $30,840," joked Jennings.

    Fans tweeted their delight with Bath's appearance and win, sharing their excitement about her "full-circle" moment and their own memories of the original daytime iteration of Jeopardy!, which aired from 1964-1975.


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