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Seth Meyers Predicts Trump's New Campaign Slogan: 'Vote For Me Or I'm Going to Jail'

The Late Night host took aim at reports that Trump will run for president to avoid prosecution.
  • On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers took aim at recent reports that Donald Trump wants to run for president again to escape his legal troubles and possible prison time.

    "At this point the January 6 committee hearings have provided us with ample evidence that Trump and his gang of oddly-shaped goons committed multiple crimes," said Meyers. "I mean that seemed obvious on the day the insurrection happened, but now, we have a lot more detail."

    The Late Night host then addressed rumors that Trump wants to announce his 2024 campaign soon, saying, "He thinks being a candidate, and specifically president again, will protect him from going to jail."

    "It's pretty amazing that when Trump ran in 2016 his slogan was 'Lock her up,'" he continued. "And in 2024 it's going to be, 'Vote for me or I'm gonna go to jail.'"

    Meyers joked that Trump has had a "get out of jail free" card for his entire life, adding, "I'm pretty sure Trump could park his golf cart on the BQE in the middle of rush hour and the cops would just set up orange cones around him."

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