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Kevin Hart's Goat Gift to Chris Rock Backfired After It 'Sh*t Onstage'

The goat also "destroyed" Chris Rock's shoes.
  • Kevin Hart is a thoughtful gift giver, but he doesn't seem to be a practical one. On Monday, the comedian proved as much when he told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about the unusual gift he gave fellow comedian Chris Rock following a recent performance at Madison Square Garden.

    Hart opened his tale by setting the scene for his surprise gift. Although Rock was in the dark, Dave Chappelle, who opened for the duo Saturday night at MSG, knew of his plan ahead of time, as Hart told him, "Hey man, I'm going to gift Chris a goat at the end of the show."

    When Chappelle asked how Hart would get his hands on a goat, he replied, "I'm Kevin Hart. What do you mean, how am I going to get a goat? I can get a goat... You call the goat guy."

    Once he had his goat connection, Hart said all that was left was to surprise Rock. "At the end of the show... I said, 'You know, you guys don't know, Chris is a mentor, friend, inspiration,'" he recalled. "'He's a large part of the reason that I am where I am today in my career just from his advice, his insight, et cetera and he's my GOAT.' Like, he's my guy."

    In lieu of flowers, Hart then brought out the gift, telling Fallon, "I gave him the goat. He almost cried. He almost broke down and cried on stage… it was a real moment."

    Even though emotions were running high, the goat managed to lighten the mood in its own special way.

    "The goat, uh, goat took a sh*t on stage," Hart revealed, laughing. "It was not planned, either... It's the one thing I didn't think about... He sh*t on Chris' shoes. He destroyed Chris' shoes. Chris had on some white moon boots and that goat got him."

    The Tonight Show airs weeknights at 11:35 PM ET on NBC.

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