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Fans Lose Their Minds Over Shocking Doctor Who Twist

  • David Tennant in Doctor Who. (Photo: BBC)
    David Tennant in Doctor Who. (Photo: BBC)


    Doctor Who left fans in a state of shock when David Tennant was revealed as the Fourteenth Doctor this weekend, marking Jodie Whittaker's exit from the series. "I know these teeth..." said Tennant's Time Lord, after regenerating. "What? What?! WHAT?!" 

    While Tennant had been announced to return for the next three Doctor Who specials, the extent of his role had been unclear up until the end of The Power of the Doctor. "David Tennant, previously known as the 10th Doctor, is now also known as the 14th Doctor," said the BBC in a statement. "Confused? Don’t worry, he seems a little perplexed too." 

    Tennant is officially playing the Fourteenth Doctor, and will be followed by previously announced Sex Education breakout Ncuti Gatwa as Fifteen. 

    Fans took to Twitter to express their shock and delight with the twist. "I started crying," wrote one viewer. "OMFG THE DOCTOR ACTUALLY REGENERATED INTO DAVID TENNANT HE'S BACK AS THE DOCTOR I HAVE CHILLS," tweeted another.

    In an interview with BBC's radio show Today, Tennant himself shared that he was a little nervous to step back into the Doctor's shoes, but was thrilled to have another shot at playing the iconic character. "I think I was worried before I got there that it might be difficult to get in the groove again," he said. "...To get another run around the park was a little joy I never saw coming."

    "What a lovely, lovely thing to get to revisit something that was such a wonderful, happy, significant time in my life," said Tennant. "It’s like being given the loveliest present. It’s been an absolute joy."

    Doctor Who is available to stream on HBO Max.

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