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Chris Licht May Oust Overly Partisan CNN Personalities (Report)

Licht wants the network to have a "less partisan tone and strategy."
  • CEO Chris Licht has a new vision for CNN. (Photo: CNN)
    CEO Chris Licht has a new vision for CNN. (Photo: CNN)

    More changes are coming to CNN. In an effort to revamp CNN's news coverage, new CEO Chris Licht is evaluating the network's talking heads. According to Axios, those who cannot adjust to a "less partisan tone and strategy" could be ousted from the network.

    Licht hopes to give CNN's more polarizing personalities an opportunity to prove they can fit into the network's new culture. This means "respectful interviews that don't feel like PR stunts," reports Axios. And for producers and bookers, Licht wants to see programming decisions "focused on nuance, not noise."

    CNN's new direction comes after the network's tone became more partisan during the Trump presidency under former CEO Jeff Zucker. Many conservatives believe the network has moved in a more liberal direction, with on-air personalities like Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter offering left-leaning commentary. According to Axios, Licht doesn't necessarily want to move away from programming like Acosta and Stelter's, but he hopes to ensure that CNN is not entirely dominated by partisan voices.

    Licht joined CNN in May, after Zucker left the network in the wake of a scandal. The former CBS boss has already implemented various changes, including shutting down streaming service CNN+ and limiting the use of the "breaking news" chyron.

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