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Why did Netflix cancel Chambers so abruptly?

  • The Uma Thurman-led supernatural horror thriller was given the axe just 56 days after its premiere. Netflix hasn't canceled a show this quickly since Naomi Watts' Gypsy, which was dumped 50 days after its premiere in 2017. Chambers might have been canceled because it was bad and nobody watched, says Stuart Heritage. "But the fact that it happened so quickly is still a surprise," he adds. "This never used to be Netflix’s style. Quite the opposite, in fact; it wasn’t such a long time ago that Netflix gained a reputation as the least ruthless content provider around. This was the platform, remember, that gave three entire seasons to Hemlock Grove and Bloodline, and two seasons to Flaked. It was the platform that let Chelsea rumble on for 120 episodes. Nobody asked for those shows. Few people liked those shows. But Netflix renewed them anyway. In fairness, it has got a little more ruthless of late. Now it doesn’t even wait until people are sick of its shows before binning them off. The abrupt cancellations of Sense8, Santa Clarita Diet and One Day at a Time provoked all kinds of appalled fan reactions. But still, hacking down a new show before it has a chance to find a proper audience seems quite callous. Worse, it seems like the sort of thing Prime Video would do."

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