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Why Rose McGowan is right to criticize actresses who plan to wear black on the red carpet to protest sexual misconduct

  • “McGowan has a valid point. Walking the red carpet dressed in black is a feeble form of protest,” says fashion critic Robin Givhan. “Why is a symbolic gesture even necessary? Are we not beyond symbolism? There has been an ongoing lament that women on the red carpet are only asked about their attire — expected to twirl in front of a glamour-cam and let another camera ogle their manicure and jewelry. In recent years, the #askhermore movement demanded that interviewers talk to actresses about their work, about their philanthropy, about something other than who designed their dress. Yet this awards season promises to be one in which every actor walking the red carpet can be assured of being interrogated about a whole lot more than their frock. They will most certainly be asked about sexual violence, the culture of silence and what constitutes justice.”

    TOPICS: Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan, Golden Globe Awards, Sexual Misconduct