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Where will the next Alex Trebek come from if celebrities keep hosting game shows?

  • The recent news that A-list talent like Alec Baldwin, Dwayne Johnson, Elizabeth Banks, Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Jamie Foxx are making as much as $450,000 an episode hosting game shows raises the question of whether professional game show hosts are becoming extinct. Those big-name hosts are "like feral hogs tearing up the delicate employment ecosystem, trampling their way into jobs and ruining the next possible crop of real game show hosts the same way TV and movie stars have overwhelmed professional voice actors in animated features," says Joe MacLeod. "Real game show hosts such as such as Bob Barker, Alex Trebek, and ... Chris Harrison, are individuals with no apparent talent other than the ineffable gift of being able to move a game show along without being all self-aware and ironic about it, and only mildly contemptuous of the shlubs who are on as contestants. Chris Harrison is a Presenter, a Pitchman, a Host. He’s not a movie star. Same for Trebek. Drew Carey taking over Bob Barker’s The Price is Right is marginal because he doesn’t wink at the camera like 'Can you believe I’m doing this?' Carey is so Low Energy he mutated himself out of being an entertainer and is now a relatable regular person. Also I support Snoop Dogg taking over The Joker’s Wild because his job description is Rapper but he is also by profession a Master of Ceremonies. Celebrity hosts are disrupting the natural progression of real game show hosts."

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