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Was Ellen Pompeo behaving like a "Karen" with Denzel Washington on the Grey's Anatomy set?

  • If Pompeo is treating the acclaimed Denzel Washington in a denigrating way, how does she treat her lower-level colleagues? "Besides the fact that we’re talking about Denzel Thee Washington here — John Q! Training Day! Malcolm X! Antwone Fisher! — Pompeo’s intense response to his direction and her decision to brag about cursing at him on set years later speaks to a type of power that only certain people (and you know what type) have in Hollywood," says Ineye Komonibo. "This isn’t to say that directors should be omnipotent on set; there are some people at the helm of TV shows and films that need to be gathered. And through her 16 years on the show, Pompeo has risen from unknown actress to one of the show’s producers and the highest paid actress in television. But if she’s speaking that way to Denzel, how is she speaking to other members of the cast and crew? From the way that Pompeo described the interaction, Washington was simply doing his job by maintaining the order of his set. Claiming that a Black man 'went nuts on her,' and needing to put him in his place  — 'This is my show!' — is Karen behavior, plain and simple. We’ve all encountered a Karen before: a woman, typically white, who believes that God left her in charge of the earth and everyone in it. Whether it’s calling the police on people for no reason, touching your hair without permission, or cussing out the A-list actor recruited to direct an episode of a TV show, Karens are always going out of their way to assert their dominance over other people, and when their behavior is rightfully reciprocated, they go into victim mode. In Pompeo’s case, she tattled to a Black woman like she was going to take the actress’ side over her husband’s, then went public years later to boost publicity for her new podcast."

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