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The Wine Show works because of the gratitude amidst the playfulness among its British acting stars

  • Dominic West joins James Purefoy, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys on the third season of the Sundance Now and Acorn reality show. "Like travel, wine appreciation isn’t the most accessible hobby," says Steve Greene. "The Wine Show doesn’t shy away from the high dollar figures for some of these bottles, but doesn’t fetishize the exclusivity. It’s presented in a more matter-of-fact way and, if anything, there’s a respect among the drinkers for the higher-end offerings, even when the overall feeling of those tastings is loose and casual. For those who have watched each season, there’s also a gradual sense of honing a craft, of being able to pick out different subtleties you might expect a classically trained performer to be attuned to. Is it a hardship to hang out at a sun-drenched villa and indulge in some of the finest wine the world has to offer? No. But in a deceptive, unmistakably entertaining way, these fresh new encounters represent a kind of all-around effort that doesn’t happen by accident."

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