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The Circle Brazil outshines The Circle

  • "Remakes are rarely better than the original. But spin-offs, at least in reality television, are nearly always superior," says Maria Sherman. "Like Bravo’s Below Deck? The drama is nothing compared to Below Deck: Mediterranean. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? There’s more fun on Vanderpump Rules. The Bachelor franchise confirms it, too—I routinely suffer through flagship shows just to know which Lauren is which when Bachelor in Paradise comes around each summer. After binging The Circle on Netflix at the beginning of 2020, I was fully prepared for The Circle Brazil to be the superior of the two when it appeared in my queue three months later. And yes, it is." Sherman adds: "On the U.S. show, I can only vouch for a few personalities: Joey Sasso, the flirtatious and non-threatening guido; Karyn Blanco, the catfish with a heart of gold; Sammie Cimarell, the only woman to make it to the final four, and that’s if I’m being generous. On the Brazilian show, however, everyone has their charm."

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