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The Book of Boba Fett seems to have gotten bored with its own premise -- that's why it has pivoted to The Mandalorian

  • As Jackson McHenry put it, "this feels like a show that was a cool pitch in some boardroom — 'We have a hit show about a character inspired by Boba Fett. What if we cut to the chase and have a show about Boba himself?' — in search of a more genuine reason to exist. Temuera Morrison does good, imposing work as Boba, and I like his insistence in interviews that he didn’t want the character to talk too much, but it’s tough to spin a show around a character who was most interesting as a mysterious, imposing presence. The more you explain Boba’s backstory, the less I want to know. The show itself seems to have gotten bored with its own premise and shifted over to checking in on Mandalorian characters. Typically, I love to see Baby Yoda in any form, but it’s tiresome to see Boba deal with him alongside a very CGI-faced Luke Skywalker, who, to me, will never emerge from the uncanny valley and has a voice that makes him sound like Pauly Shore voicing Pinocchio. That issue is compounded by the fact that most of Boba takes place, yet again, on Tatooine, a planet with a desert environment that is iconically Star Wars but we’ve also seen many times over. Boba Fett gestures toward a few new ideas about the planet, namely some sort of past involving plentiful oceans, but otherwise, we’ve been over these Mos cities and moisture farms already. It feels a little like watching your over-the-hill uncle describe his favorite high-school stories over and over. Like Anakin Skywalker, I hate sand!"

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