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Sean Spicer’s Emmy cameo was “in service to a joke,” and he “was the joke”

  • “We had eyes wide open that … there would be people who thought we shouldn’t do it,” an Emmy production team member tells Vulture. “There was no expectation everyone would love this.” But Colbert cared about comedy first. As the insider said, “we made hijm the joke… We made him the joke at the Emmy Awards.” Meanwhile, The New York Times reports of the efforts to keep the Spicer cameo under wraps: “Mr. Spicer and his wife left Washington for Los Angeles on Saturday morning, he donned a disguise. He would not say what it was, though a friend of his hinted that it might have included fake facial hair. After checking in, he stayed in his hotel room, leaving only for a walk-through that took place after the hall had been cleared. When scripts were handed out to crew members and performers, his name was nowhere to be found — replaced by an innocuous surname that began with the letter ’S.’”

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