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Sarah Silverman: Hulu billed me $1,500 for Emmys hair and makeup when I Love You, America was nominated

  • “We were so sure we were getting picked up,” Silverman said on Matt Wilstein's new The Last Laugh podcast of her canceled Hulu series. "We’re all super-bummed about it.” Silverman then went on to explain how little Hulu cared for the show, which was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch series. “I probably shouldn’t,” she said tentatively. “Eh, f*ck it. Guess I’ll just burn this one down. I think it’s a funny story, or maybe it sounds obnoxious and it’s too showbiz-y. I’m really debating right now...You know, it’s one of their only shows nominated for Emmys besides Handmaid’s Tale." And yet after attending the Emmys representing Hulu, Silverman said the streaming service billed her $1,500 for hair and makeup. “Even Comedy Central, like 15 years ago, paid for that sh*t when I was nominated,” she said. “I was just flummoxed. Wouldn’t it be worth them paying $1,500 to not have me on Matt Wilstein’s podcast saying Hulu wouldn’t pay $1,500 for an Emmy for their network?” Silverman also recalled that when she was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star last fall, Netflix -- which she hadn't worked for in more than a year -- sent her roses and a donation to her favorite charities. She says she didn't even get an email from Hulu. "That stuff doesn’t mean anything to me—it really doesn’t,” she said. “But it’s just such a bad look for you guys. I don’t want to say ‘appalling.’ Separating children at the border is appalling. I keep my overhead very low, but Hulu doesn’t. So they should probably pay for sh*t.”

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