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Report: NBC execs quashed Ronan Farrow’s bombshell Harvey Weinstein story

  • The Huffington Post reports there was a “months-long struggle” inside NBC News in which executives “slow-walked Farrow’s story, crippling it with their qualms and irresolution” — even saying it required the approval of NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke, which was highly unusual. “By April, NBC News had two big scoops in its pocket: an on-record interview with (Rose) McGowan and the explosive audio of Weinstein admitting to sexual assault,” according to The Huffington Post. “But Farrow was told by multiple NBC News executives and producers that the reporting and interviews he had conducted weren’t sufficient for a televised story. According to four sources, Farrow and (NBC News investigative producer Rich) McHugh also prepared a lengthy text story to run on the NBC News website, but Farrow was told it wouldn’t run.” The Huffington Post also points out that NBC Nightly News ignored the story last Thursday, unlike its rivals, and it was given scant coverage the next morning on Today (while GMA and CBS This Morning covered the story extensively). That’s in addition to SNL completely ignoring the scandal, which Lorne Michaels said “was a New York thing.”

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