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Q-Force's haters are missing the point

  • The Netflix animated LGBTQ spy comedy suffers from having a bad trailer and the "impossibly high standard that queer folks have for queer content," says Chelsea Steiner, adding: "This is a queer show from queer creators for a queer audience FULL STOP. No one pauses to explain the queer cultural touchstones or the niche community-centric humor. It also allows its characters to transcend and subvert queer stereotypes with breezy humor. Q-Force is also refreshingly sex-positive, with queer sex scenes that are rarely seen on film, let alone in animation. As we continue to demand more LGBTQ+ representation onscreen, we often fall into the trap of demanding that a queer series or film be everything to everyone. It’s an impossible bar to meet, as the queer community is as varied and nuanced as any other. While Q-Force won’t work for every viewer (and honestly what does), it is smart, funny, heartfelt, and unabashedly queer. And that’s something worth celebrating."

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