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Penn Badgley's voice is the secret to You's success

  • GQ

    "Badgley has an objectively good voice," says Iana Murray. "It’s the most prominent highlight of You, a show that is 90 percent voiceover and 10 percent spoken conversation. You—its second season drops on Netflix later this month—plays out like a very menacing audiobook best listened to with the most expensive headphones you own. Or like being wrapped in a warm blanket that could be used to smother you at any moment. Or like smooth jazz in a minor key—the melodies and cadences are so relaxing that you forget that there’s something extremely off about the whole thing. Despite how ominous Penn Badgley’s voice is, there is no denying that he is capable of making nice sounds with his mouth. His voice sounds like it could be a setting on one of those sleep sound machines. It’s ASMR for people who want their ASMR to make them feel like they’re in danger. In fact, Badgley has done ASMR that is infinitely more wholesome than You—listening to him talk about taking off his braces will make your eardrums melt. You’s voiceover also highlights the missed opportunity of using him as the voice of Gossip Girl."

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