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Netflix should fulfill Community's mission for six seasons and a movie

  • The beloved Dan Harmon community college comedy, which became available on Netflix on April Fool's Day, already has its six seasons. All it needs is a movie. "Now, we know Netflix is always making deals to maximize its content library, but this one is special," says Palash Volvoikar. "The streamer has recently taken to capitalizing on popular shows by making Netflix Original sequel films. They did it with two of Nickelodeon’s animated series—Invader Zim, with the movie Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, and Rocko’s Modern Life, with a movie titled Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling. Both these films were released in 2019. They also did the same thing with Breaking Bad, giving it an epilogue movie titled El Camino, also released in 2019. They clearly have a strategy going for them here. When it comes to streaming rights, Netflix actually picked up on the greatness that Breaking Bad was about to become very early on, which led it to ultimately distributing El Camino. Community has a cult following, sure, but it struggled with viewership during its run. Netflix is perfectly placed to make the series mainstream now, in a more appreciative time, and to give us the movie in the process. The fact that Netflix is picking up the global streaming rights for Community hints at exactly that."

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