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Netflix cancels Gentefied after two seasons

  • The half-hour Latinx comedy, from creators Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez and executive producer America Ferrera, has been canceled two months after its second season dropped on Netflix. "The show never appeared in the Netflix Top 10 with the new season, which likely played a part in Netflix’s cancellation decision which typically factors in cost, viewership and critical acclaim," says Deadline's Nellie Andreeva. Gentefied won critical acclaim as it followed three Mexican-American cousins and their struggle to chase the American Dream, even while that same dream threatens the things they hold most dear: their neighborhood, their immigrant grandfather and the family taco shop. In reviewing Gentefied's premiere in February 2020, Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall wrote: "In the bigger and more inclusive world of Peak TV, there’s more room to just tell a specific story. The cultural details remain hugely important, but there’s no longer the need to be all things to all members of an underrepresented group. Gentefied, a new Netflix half-hour series created by Linda Yvette Chávez and Marvin Lemus, neatly conveys the advantages of this more representative world. The story of a Mexican-American family battling the forces of gentrification as they run a taco shop in East L.A., it isn’t even the only current show covering this geographic and anthropological territory; there is a lot of thematic overlap with Starz’s excellent Vida, down to the recurring use of 'coconut' as an insult against brown people too eager to seem white on the inside. Relieved of having to be the only series on this turf, Gentefied gets to focus on what makes its appealing cast of characters tick at least as much as it does on the sociopolitical forces that are making their lives very complicated."

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