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Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project still holds up, nearly a decade after its premiere

  • "The show premiered in 2012, before the generation-defining cultural shifts instigated by #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite," write Claire Whitley and Eleanor Danenberg. "Despite this, it does with ease what so many shows are still trying to do today: it centers a woman of colour who is larger than a size 6, and lets her have just as much fun as the white guys who have been dominating the screen for years." They add: "Mindy’s political takes reveal a character who isn’t the woke work-in-progress that you would expect her to be: she declares recycling makes America look poor, Rudy Giuliani is hot, and that Hillary Clinton is a made-up person designed to confuse her. She also isn’t shy in making her sexual desires known. She doesn’t fret over becoming a better person or improving herself – she embodies the contradictions of millennial womanhood with delightful and entertaining abandon. Although Mindy is no feminist paragon, there are a few great moments where she refuses to sacrifice her ambitions and goals for anyone, including the man she loves. She takes on single motherhood after their values clash and refuses to choose between parenthood and her career. She starts her own fertility clinic and spearheads a program which encourages young women to freeze their eggs so they can focus on their education, rather than being ruled by their biological clock."

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